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    Teen Project


    In this project, the teenagers will write their own ads scripts and record them on the camera. The topics will be about their lifestyle, their humour and their attitudes towards the global problems such as pollution, drug, internet addiction and global warming etc. The students will be familiar to cameras, computer programs and so on. There will be also posters and slogans of their ads. Project will make teens familiar with their mutual issues and they will make connection among teens all over the Europe.

    Güzelyurt Anatolian High School


    Çarmuzu Secondary School


    IIS Galilei -Vetrone, Benevento

    Italian students, from class II Q S.T.E.M., will focus their attention on the importance of environment, climate changes and plastic recycling. Their task will be to create slogans inspired to the three Rs of environment: Reduce, Re- use, Recycle, to make them become a practice in their and other students’ everyday life. This task aims at developing cross curricular competences as it might become a Real Outcome including other classes and also encourages students at cooperating to start a campaign to protect the environment.

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